Charged With Assault? We Can Help.

Any criminal investigation, charges or arrest is a serious legal challenge. At Leeser Law Firm PLLC, we urge you not to take your assault charges lightly even if you believe there is a good explanation. You may be convinced that a Texas judge or jury who hears your story will not convict you of a crime. That may be so but the only way to protect your rights after an arrest is to take action and get your defense underway as soon as possible.

The earlier a lawyer is on your side, the more options you will have. We will ensure you understand the charges, know your rights and understand how you can increase your chances of success.

Effective Defense Strategies Differ Depending On The Facts

Were you wrongly accused because of mistaken identity? Were you acting in self-defense when the alleged assault occurred? Did your spouse or significant other accuse you of domestic violence as a tactic in a divorce or child custody battle, without good cause? Is the police version of the events leading up to your arrest vastly different from your own recollections?

When we meet with you to discuss your assault, aggravated assault or family violence charges, we will delve into topics such as these. With candor on your part as a strong component of our investigation, we will look for opportunities to craft compelling arguments in your defense.

Once you decide to retain our services, our attorneys will guide you through the legal processes with one goal in mind: to achieve the best outcome attainable in your case. We will keep you well-informed and prepared to make the right decisions in your case.

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