5 Ways To Get Through The Difficulties Of Divorce

Leeser Law Firm PLLC is interested in helping you navigate the process of divorce. For most people, divorce is an unknown or rare experience. Our attorneys, however, handle divorces continually. We know the law, we understand strategies that have worked well for many of our clients and we are well-acquainted with the courts in the San Antonio area and beyond. Contact us to determine whether our law firm is a good fit for your Texas divorce.

We will start by imparting some free advice applicable to many of our clients' family law cases:

  1. Realize the practical, businesslike nature of the legal aspects of divorce. You are likely to experience a wide range of emotions with regard to the deterioration of once-close bonds that are now different as you and your spouse go your separate ways. The legal aspects of divorce, however, are quite similar to the dissolution of a business. At the conclusion of your divorce, what was marital property will be separate property belonging to each of you. Staying levelheaded through this process can help you focus on what you need to do and get it done efficiently.
  2. Understand that the legal process of divorce is not the proper avenue for expressing anger, revenge or disappointment with your spouse. It is primarily a nuts-and-bolts disentangling of your status as a married couple as you prepare to move on to the next chapters of your lives. For some people, fighting over property becomes a way to hang on to the spouse longer than necessary — but this is not a helpful strategy for anyone. Legal tactics rarely have the desired effect and often backfire when one spouse simply wants to punish the other. On the other hand, grief, pain, anger and fear are common reactions to the loss of your spousal relationship. Counseling, therapy and time to regroup are all productive ways that many people have made it through the human side of divorce.
  3. Determine your priorities and focus on those. It is rare and perhaps impossible for both spouses to feel completely satisfied with the outcome of a property division settlement or court order. Recognize the importance of compromise to save on legal fees and prevent your divorce from dragging on much longer than necessary. Summon the courage to let go of less important things when it is in your best interests to keep the process moving forward.
  4. Remember the big picture of family relationships that will continue after the divorce and protect them. If there are children, keep their needs at the forefront in any way that you can. "Envision your child's future high school or college graduation or wedding. What would you like that day to look like?" This mental exercise helps some parents undergoing divorce to make good decisions and avoid trouble. Contain your frustrations and avoid false accusations of domestic violence if this potential applies in your case. On the flip side of the coin, if your spouse has made threats or harmed you or the children, let your lawyer know right away. You may be able to get an order of protection (restraining order), which can provide some peace of mind.
  5. Work with a family law attorney you trust and get along with. You will have important decisions to make as your divorce moves along. It may become more complicated than you expect if your spouse and you have trouble cooperating. A skilled, empathetic lawyer can keep you and the legal processes on track.

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